Wednesday, June 14, 2017

i Travel Jerusalem

If you're looking more for things to do year-round in Jerusalem, iTravelJerusalem is a pretty good site:

It's less informative when it comes to festivals and special events. As I write this, the events on the homepage are listed in English in backward order--starting with the Maccabiah (July 4-18) on the left, followed by the Festival of Lights (June 28-July 6) in the middle, and ending with Design Week on the right (June 8-15). Weirdly, you have to click "see more Jerusalem events" to find the Book Fair, which most Israelis would consider more significant than Design Week.

But the site does contain several useful articles, including general overviews of the First Station, Mamilla Mall, Mahane Yehudah, and so on. To learn more about what's going on at each place on a particular day, you'll have to visit their own websites.

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